If you come to surf at Alaïa Bay several times, you can benefit from a better rate by buying an evolution pack or a session pack.

If you are a beginner, the evolution pack is for you. It includes the beginner lessons and the Waikiki and Malibu sessions. The rental of the equipment, both the softboard and the wetsuit, is included in the price of the pack. It is valid for one person only.

If you are already experienced, the sessions pack is a perfect solution for you. You can book sessions from Waikiki to Pro level. The little extra? You can share your pack between different people. So you can come surf with your family or friends. The pack is available in 5, 10+1 and 20+4 packs.

Both packs are valid for sessions at Best and Normal prices. If you wish to book a Peak price session, you will have to add an additional CHF 20.- per session. To find out about our different rates, you can consult our availabilities calendar.

You can find both products on our website.