No. The size and speed of waves at Alaïa Bay can be varied, making it suitable for surfers of all abilities.

Beginner lesson :

  • Beginners who want to start surfing
  • The waves: Small white water wave of a height of 0.5m

Waikiki :

  • Surfers who have caught many white water waves and ride them with control
  • The waves:  Small perfect gentle waves of a face height of 1 to 1 ½ foot.

Malibu : 

  • Surfers who want to improve and practice turns on a quality wave
  • The waves : Fun perfect waves for crusing, noseriding and practicing turns with a face height between 0.8-1m

Advanced :

  • Surfers who can comfortably ride fast waves above 1m and handle a steeper take off
  • The waves – Perfect waves offering a variety of sections for turns and manoeuvers with a wave height of 1.5m

Experts :

  • Negotiate sections and ride an easy barrel
  • The Waves : Fast perfect wave offering a variety of steep sections for turns and barrels with a face height of 1.8 – 2m

Pro :

  • Surfers who can handle fast and steep take offs - Surfers who have barrels riding skills
  • The Wave : A selection of our most challenging fast powerful waves with a face height of 2m

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