Our sessions have a total duration of about 2h, between the check-in, the changing room and the session in the water (55min).

The procedure is as follows:

  1. On arrival at the reception desk of the Alaïa Bay, you proceed to check-in. 
  2. You can then go to the changing rooms to change clothes and put your wetsuit. You can also rent some equipment at our surf school if needed (board, wetsuit, etc).
  3. Before entering the water, you get a brief on the safety rules and the course of the session.
  4. On the hour, you enter the water for your session with the other surfers for 55 minutes. Time to ride the waves!
  5. At the end of the session, you join the shore on your last wave and you can bring your rental equipment back.


When you book a session, you have to choose the right or left side you want to surf . It is not possible to change sides during a session due to safety reasons.

Please come to the reception 1 hour before the start of your Session and 1 hour 30 before a Beginner lesson!

You can find all the information concerning the waves of our sessions on our website in the menu "Surfing"