We have taken the decision not to artifically heat the water in our pool ! So sometimes it will be Bali, sometimes Hossegor.. and sometimes Nazaré !

  • In summer, the water temperature varies between 20 and 25 degrees. 

  • In spring and autumn, the water temperature varies between 17 and 10 degrees. 

  • In winter, the water varies between 10 and 4 degrees. 

Nevertheless, rest assured : we offer all the necessary equipment for anybody to avoid getting cold: thick wetsuits, and so called "winterkits" with hoods, gloves and boots.

Anyway, during your session, you will be very active (unlike the long waiting that can happen in an Ocean line-up), so it is most probable that if anything, you will be too warm!

At the end of your session, you will benefit from top-notch infrastructures : changing rooms with super warm showers and more!


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What should I wear?