The pool is not artificially heated. The temperature will therefore vary greatly depending on the season and the weather. Here are the average temperatures recorded:  

  • January: closed  
  • February: closed  
  • March: 9°C  
  • April: 12°C  
  • May: 15°C  
  • June: 22° C  
  • July: 21° C  
  • August: 21°C  
  • September: 17° C  
  • October: 12°C  
  • November: 7°C  
  • December: closed  

The water temperature is now visible on the home page of our website. 

But don't worry, we've got all the equipment you need to keep out the cold. Thick wetsuits and 'Winter Kit' with bonnets, gloves and booties are available for hire.  In any case, during your session, you are very active (unlike waiting at the line-up at the ocean).