The number of surfers in the water and waves per surfer varies from session to session, due to safety reasons and to ensure the quality of the experience.

  • Beast Sessions : we forecast about 8 surfers per side. 
  • Pro Sessions : we forecast about 12surfers per side.
  • Expert Sessions : we forecast about 10 surfers per side.
  • Advanced Sessions : we forecast about 12 surfers per side. 
  • Malibu Sessions : we forecast about 18 surfers per side.
  • Waikiki Sessions : we forecast about 18 surfers per side.
  • Beginners Lessons : we forecast about 15 surfers per side - in groups of 6 for the beginners lessons.

During their session, Surfers at Alaia Bay usually catch an average of 10 and 14 waves per hour. This can be variable : it not only depends on the fitness and surfing level, but also on the equipment chosen, the goals set during the session and its chosen rhythm, or any other factor personal to the Surfer.

These are the Wavegarden evaluations.  We will confirm these figures after the phase test in March.