Alaïa Bay offers various items for rent: 

  • Wetsuits and accessories: you can find wetsuits of different thicknesses and lengths. They are cleaned after each use. They are machine washed, disinfected and dried to provide a premium experience for users.

  • Winterkit : The Winterkit is perfect to complete your wetsuit in winter. It includes boots, gloves and a hood. It will keep you warm throughout your session.

  • Shower kit : The shower set includes a towel and care products (soap, shampoo, body care). At the end of the session you will have to return the towel but you can keep the products you have not used.    

  • Safety equipment: helmets and buoyancy aids are available free of chargeon request.

  • Surfboards, body boards: a wide range of surfboards and bodyboard are available for hire. There are soft bodyboards, PU (polyurethane) surfboards, epoxy surfboards, and our partners' latest products.

    Hardtop : 
    • Plus de 100 planches différentes sont disponibles ! 

    • Quiksilver - TORQ - NSP 

    • Shortboards - Fishers - Malibu - Evolution boards - Longboards 

    • De 5'11 à 8'6 

      Premium : 

       A large choice of boards

       Bradley - Al Merrick - Sharpeye and many others

      From 5'4 to 9'0