It is perfectly possible to surf when it is raining or snowing. You will be wet anyway, so you might as well enjoy it. Also, surfing in the snow is a great experience. Feel free to join us after your day of skiing. If you don't have a wetsuit, you can always rent a 6:5 wetsuit on site.

In the event of a thunderstorm or hazardous weather conditions (strong wind, etc.), everyone will leave the water to ensure their safety.

In the event of complicated weather conditions including thunderstorms or strong winds, sessions may be cancelled for safety reasons. If the session is cut short after 30 to 44 minutes, you will receive compensation in the form of a price reduction on your next session. However, a session that has lasted at least 45 minutes is considered complete and no refunds will be given.

For more details, please refer to our general terms and conditions. You can find them in PDF here.