Alaïa Bay is features the following infrastructures : 

surfing wave pool of 8'500m2, separated in 2 to offer right and left waves. 

surf shop with a wide range of surfing equipment and clothing. It is possible to find equipment (surfboardsleash, fins, pads, etc), wetsuits, fashion goods (t-shirts, jumpers, trousersetc) and accessories of all kinds. 

Twin Fin Bistro, a restaurant inspired by the surf culture, offers international cuisine with a touch of local productsWith its large terrace overlooking the pool, this place is perfect to chill out

and watch the surfers in action. 

The surf school offers the possibility to take lessons, to learn the basics of surfing or simply to improve your surfing skills. It is also possible to rent equipmentfrom a simple foam board to the latest premium epoxy boardWe also rent different types of accessories (botties, leash, helmets, etc.)

The shaping room is the workshop where boards are made and repaired. It is possible to repair your board or to discover all the stages of board construction, from shaping to glassing.