As in many sports, progress in surfing is long and depends on the time spent on it. The more you surf, the more waves you will catch. However, surfing requires te right place, the right weather and surf conditions, in daylight hours, at a time and place where you can surf. 

At Alaïa Bay, all these variables are removed, allowing you to surf regularly at times that suit you and in ideal conditions. It is a perfect training ground to improve your surfing technique. 

Even for experienced surfers, our barrels can be very technical and the variety of our waves have surprised many.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, surfing at Alaïa Bay will help you progress faster. The predictability and length of the waves generated and the absence of other distractions will allow you to surf easily.

For beginners, we offer to improve your skills quickly with the Evolution Pack.

You are a surfing enthusiast and you want to come regularly to Alaïa ? The Session Pack allows you to come and surf at an advantageous price! From 5 to 24 sessions shareable with your friends choose your Pack here.

For more experienced surfers, you can purchase a session pack. It includes sessions between the Waikiki and Pro levels.