Swimwear or wetsuits are a must! In Summer, our water temperatures are expected to hit the mid-twenties on hot days, perfect for boardshorts and a t-shirt, spring suit, bikini or one-piece.


Our water temperatures are expected to be around the mid-teens in Autumn and Spring, so we'd recommend a sealed 3/2 or 4/3 full-length steamer. If you feel the cold, any or all of a hood, booties and gloves.


In Winter, our water temperatures are expected to be around the low teens, and sometimes even high single digits. We'd recommend at least a sealed 4/3 full-length steamer and booties, and if you feel the cold, a thicker suit, hood, booties and/or gloves will keep you warm.


You're welcome to bring your own gear, or you can rent top-notch Boardriders wetsuits, accessories and surf equipment from our Surf Rental shop.


Just remember that you're surfing in Switzerland! It could be hot, and it might be cold, but that's part of the fun. Paddle hard, catch a bunch of waves, enjoy a hot shower and grab a steaming up coffee post-surf. You'll be warmed up in no time.