Lessons (Rookie to Intermediate Cruiser)  

These courses are aimed at beginners, improving surfers and occasional surfers. The ideal way to learn or progress with safe supervision. You'll receive a safety briefing and technical and teaching advice from our team of instructors.  

Included in the price: One hour's surfing, equipment hire (wetsuit, softboard) and instructor. 

Sessions (Intermediate Cruiser to Expert Barrel)  

Sessions are for experienced surfers (bay or ocean). You must be able to surf on your own and have been surfing for several years. These sessions are supervised by a Surf Guide, who will explain the safety and flow rules of the basin. He knows the Bay's waves by heart and will be able to help you get into the Take Off zone. You will be helped throughout your session to adapt to the pool and the waves. However, this is not a surf lesson. No technical advice will be given once you are up on your board.  

Included in the session: Surfing time. Equipment will be provided at extra cost. 

Free Surf (Advanced turn at Mega Barrels)  

The freesurf sessions are aimed at regular Bay surfers. After several sessions in the Bay, once you know the safety and flow rules, there's no need for a safety briefing or Surf Guide! You're on your own, just like at sea.  

The biggest and most powerful waves are only accessible with Free Surf (Mega Turn & Mega Barrel). Three lifeguards are on hand to ensure your safety.