During the pre-session safety briefing, the surf guide will explain what to do if you need assistance in the water. Please listen carefully to the instructions.

Once the lifeguard/surf guide has given you the green light, you can paddle out. Make sure you always use the bridge next to the pier to paddle out. Une fois de l’autre côté du bassin, les coachs vous donneront le top départ pour vous lancer sur la vague. Cela permettra une circulation fluide dans le bassin et permettra d’éviter des incidents malheureux. 

No. Although a party wave is always fun, we ask our surfers to wait their turn and catch one wave at a time due to health and safety reasons.

However, you should always try to fall as flat as possible and remember to cover your head, as you would in the ocean!

The exit point is the side bridge, next to each wall of the pool.