From April onwards, it will be possible to book an EXPERT session. When making this reservation, it is important that the surfer evaluates himself/herself in order to be sure to be able to access this session. Each surfer is responsible for the level of session chosen, so it is important not to over-evaluate yourself. 

In the event that a surfer finds themselves in an unsuitable session, the Alaïa Bay team may ask them to get out of the water for their own safety and that of others. He will then be put back in a session adapted to his level - always depending on availability. 

This level-check in the form of a self-assessment at the time of booking are for all levels.

For PRO/BEAST sessions, we systematically ask for two EXPERT session so that Alaïa's coaches can make a level-check confirmation, purely for security reasons. 

According to the feedback from our coaches and surfers who have ridden different Wavegarden wave programmes, the general recommendation is not to overestimate your level, and on the contrary to start with a session of a lower level than the perceived one. On the one hand, Wavegarden programmes are progressive and the waves - whatever the level - are "mega-style"! So don't be afraid to test different waves by booking your first sessions below your maximum level.