The Alaïa Bay pool has a surface area of 8,300m2 and requires about 13'000 m3 of water (i.e., about 4 Olympic pools). The pool has a different range of depthswith the deepest point being the central channelwhich is 2.85 meters deep. It will be identified by specific signage. 

The Wavegarden Cove system causes almost no bother, as the noise is masked by the sound of the wavessoundjust like in the ocean.

Wavegarden Cove's engines are the most efficient on the marketEach side (left / right) takes as much energy to create waves as a typical 4 seats chairlift. 

Furthermore, in order to reduce our carbon footprintwe work closely with the electricity supplier who guarantees us a supply of green energy (wind or dam). In our case, Romande Energie has delivered us its green energy label. 

Aside from that, Solar Panels are also installed on the roofs of our building to meet its electricity consumption. 


After filling, there is no more exchange as the water is filtered by the Wavegarden Cove system. However, with evaporation, which can vary depending on the temperature, it is estimated that about 7,000 m3 of additional water is required per year. 


We use very few chemicals as the number of people in the water is much lower than in a conventional swimming pool.