Alaïa Bay is open all year round and its opening hours vary according to the seasons.

The surfing hours for May are:

Monday to Thursday : 9am - 7pm

Friday to Saturday : 9am - 10pm

Sunday : 9am - 9pm

The surfing hours for June are:

Monday to Thursday : 9am - 9pm

Friday to Saturday : 9am - 11pm

Sunday : 9am - 9pm

The reception is open 1 hour before the first session and closes after the checking of the last session


There is a dynamic pricing system, depending on the time of year and the day of the week.  

There are 3 categories - best, normal and peak, which determine the price of the sessions.

Best: periods of low attendance

Normal: during the week and outside holidays

Peak: summer season or weekend (high season)